Case Study – Mill Hill School Foundation (Managed Print Solutions)

future® became the exclusive Managed Print Service provider for the Mill Hill School Foundation in December 2017. Mill Hill School Foundation is a leading independent School founded in 1807 with 1600 pupils ranging from ages 3-18 and has a raft of varying printing requirements.

The Foundation contacted future® to take advantage of their Free Print Audit & Lease and Service Contract Analysis in the summer of 2017. Following an in-depth analysis by future’s expert team of the printing provision at the Foundation, it was found that the Foundation had been tied into a multitude of unnecessary and expensive lease agreements. The cost per copy charges the Foundation were facing were also unusually high. The expert team at future managed to untangle this web of mis-sold leases and provide the perfect solution for the 40 plus copiers on site. Incorporating all copiers on site into one agreement and slashing the cost per copy charges, leading to a 35% reduction in print related spending in year one.

The industry leading Service Support Team at future have maintained the fleet to an exceptional level. Down time on copiers and printers has been reduced by 65% when compared to the previous provider.

The Foundation has continued to implement future® recommended solutions and are currently in the process of replacing their desktop printer fleet. Saving on ink costs and as future® are managing this process, the Foundation has seen an exponential reduction in staff time spent managing the desktop printer fleet.

Future’s team continue to provide constant analysis and monitoring of the current print solution and have advised on a suitable Contactless Visitor Management System and Interactive Screens as the partnership continues to flourish.

future® came the Foundations rescue, consolidating numerous mis sold leases into one agreement and a solution that has been perfectly installed, managed and maintained. Saving the Foundation money and valuable staff time. With over 70 machines in place, I cannot recommend future highly enough. I no longer receive emails from angry staff with printing issues, as those issues simply no longer exist.”

Operations Manager, Mill Hill School

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