Sharp Printer Spotlight – Part 1

future® have partnered with Sharp in order to bring you a great range of technology to help your business run smoothly. Featuring printers, copiers, visitor management systems, and even interactive screens, all the pieces needed for an efficient collaborative workspace are available. We offer an array of MFPs and printers that can help you achieve a broad range of business objectives. From A3 and A4 workgroup MFPs to light production MFPs, Sharp is redefining the role and importance of document technology in the workplace by offering products that are easy to use, customisable and secure. In the first of a 2 part series, find out more about the software that runs a Sharp printer fleet.


Sharp places a large focus on security across all their products but special attention is paid to their printers and copiers in the face of the latest GDPR legislation, as they can be a potential weak spot in your network or data security policies. 

The more advanced and integrated MFPs become, the greater the risk to confidential information as it is being copied, printed, scanned or faxed and all businesses have a responsibility to protect the data they hold about their customers and employees. On 25 May 2018, the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became fully enforceable throughout the EU.

Sharp provides a suite of integrated security features to help protect your information and documents from a multitude of threats. We’ll give you the tools to control and manage your print security policies, and help you protect your confidential information whether it is being printed, copied, scanned, faxed, stored or shared over your network.

Sharp Remote Device Manager 

Make managing multiple MFPs and print security policies easy.

Whether you’re reviewing an existing information security policy or rolling out a new one, you need MFPs that fit in. With SRDM, you can create, deploy and manage your own print or information security policies.

You can remotely manage security setup, defining up to three levels of protection. These enhanced security policies are available across all MFPs connected to SRDM and can be deployed easily within seconds, through an intuitive, central management console. SRDM acts like an extra line of network security defence. In the event that it detects unauthorised changes to device security settings, SRDM issues you with an alert and automatically redeploys the last saved setting configuration. Plus, with increasingly complex regulations around data protection, like GDPR, SRDM helps you comply. The centralised security management ensures you can meet the required best practices. 

Once you install SRDM on your file server, you’ll have complete, real-time control of your MFP fleet through a standard web browser. That means faster installation and configuration of your Sharp MFPs, easier error-reporting, swifter technical support response, and simpler driver installation. And if you only need SRDM on a single device, you can install it locally too. Everything is designed to be easy and accessible. Stop disruptions to work Fixing problems fast is great. But spotting an issue before it develops, and dealing with it before it becomes a problem, is better. An at-a-glance view of all your managed MFPs will appear at the top of each web page. Thanks to the intuitive traffic light status indicators you’ll instantly know which devices are working normally (green tick), those that require urgent attention (red cross), and those that will require attention soon (yellow warning sign). One-click on the status icon is all that’s needed to dig a little deeper and investigate individual devices. 

Minimise downtime during repairs

Save time, money and effort with SRDM’s Remote Front Panel Access feature. It minimises downtime by letting your support staff view and control your MFPs’ control panels remotely. The IT administrator or the support engineer can either fix the problem directly from their desk or give step-by-step guidance to the user. 

Device management in one place

Simply load the SRDM home page from your web browser and get immediate access to everything you need to manage your fleet of networked printers and MFPs.

Stay informed with comprehensive reports SRDM collates meter readings from each device, including details such as date range, device IDs, meter totals, breakdown by colour/mono and by usage, and can automatically email them to the service centre. And if on the rare occasion a service engineer visit is required, you can supply them with service reports that will help them identify the issue. SRDM also records a wide range of useful information about each machine, such as its name, model, location, IP and MAC address, and usage statistics, making it easy to work out which MFPs are being under-or over-used, as well as keeping an accurate record of your MFP fleet.

In addition to regular reports detailing the operational status of each of your printers and MFPs, you or a member of your team can also receive email alerts when a particular action is required. It might be topping up the paper or replacing toner cartridges, but staying on top of these routine tasks goes a long way to avoiding unnecessary downtime. These alerts are great for maintenance and servicing too. You can have them transmitted directly to your service provider, together with a detailed history that describes each event in terms of date, type, paper size and job mode.

Network Security

Your data is at risk. It could be altered, stolen or intercepted while being transferred over your network or the internet. Securing your MFPs prevents devices from being used in an advanced cyber-attack and safeguards the data stored on the device. Whether you’re scanning, printing, or sharing information, Sharp will help protect your sensitive data through:

  • encrypting data on the device
  • encrypted Adobe PDF files
  • use of SSL protocols
  • email encryption

Sharp was the world’s first MFP manufacturer to achieve Common Criteria certification and was also the first to receive EAL 4 for a Data Security Kit (DSK). We are also now recognised as the first manufacturer to comply with the Hard Copy Device Protection Profile (HCDPP) standard. Network and data security continue to be fundamental components of Sharp’s MFPs and printers, with a range of standard and optional security features and tools designed to protect data stored on the device or in transition.

There is also an intelligent network interface and firewall that can restrict access to specific computers on a network, and selectively enable or disable any protocol or service port on each device.

Whether you are looking to secure your MFPs or centralise security management of your printer fleet we can provide a unique toolset that helps IT administrators manage a consistent print security policy for greater convenience to:

  • connect, monitor and manage your devices from one, intuitive central console
  • create and deploy your own network and print security policies seamlessly
  • achieve compliance with the latest security regulations including GDPR

Document Management

Sharp’s document security suite helps you get more work done, thanks to its intuitive workflow and automation tools. Plus, our secure, robust document management processes mean you can be confident that you are complying with the latest regulations.

You can stop working with fragmented, highly distributed document environments. Instead, you can look forward to a fully indexed, centralised data repository that lets your staff spend less time looking for information and more time putting it to good use.

When you upload data and documents you’ll always be prompted to include accurate indexing details descriptive metadata, and with Sharp’s full-text search capability, there are always straightforward routes to the data you need and additional benefits from version tracking and audit trail.

Your files are stored in a single, structured, and secure repository on exclusively European Data Centres (local server-based installations are also available). Your data is protected by access controls, firewalls, state-of-the-art encryption technology, and redundant failover systems. You can also set, change and revoke access permissions by user or by workgroup in a matter of minutes, sharing as much or as little information as you need. 

Output Management

Sharp offers a comprehensive product portfolio, for output security management that fits any organisation type and size, so you can work effectively while managing print-related costs. This will also help you define policies, and control the access to – and security of – printing.

By assigning permissions to individuals and controlling how they access the printer fleet, what they can and can’t do, at a department or individual level, you create a print management policy. Anyone can try to print or to log on to the MFP but it will only respond if they have appropriate authorisation and permissions.

Optionally, IT administrators or business owners can simplify login by PIN or card reader, assign credit limits to individuals or groups and introduce a client billing model to their businesses to re-charge departments, projects or clients. All device usage is logged for audit purposes. 

A variety of document management and output software is available a part of the application portal that contributes to these security features.

Self-healing system 

In order to further strengthen the security of the device the operating system now includes a self-healing capability that can protect your device from corruption of the operational firmware, either due to an innocent failure in the firmware update or through a potential malicious attack. A master copy of the valid firmware is stored on the hard disk of the device and where, on power-up, the firmware is not correctly validated the master firmware will be loaded. This new feature will help strengthen the security of a companies Sharp driven MFP fleet as well as its print security policy.


Mobile Printing

Everyone Print

EveryonePrint makes it easy to securely print to any Sharp compatible MFPs from any smartphone, tablet, or mobile computer. With EveryonePrint installed on-premise, employees and visitors can securely print using any computer or mobile device, whether they are on-site or on the other side of the world at a satellite office or customer site.

EveryonePrint works for any environment, whether you have one printer or a thousand, and it fully integrates with your existing printing infrastructure. It integrates with Active Directory/LDAP for user authentication, and popular print accounting and print management systems to make sure all prints are properly accounted for. And you can install and configure EveryonePrint on your servers simply and easily.

  • Mobile Print and Follow Me Solution for mobile devices, tablets and laptops
  • Ideal for any environment which requires secure mobile printing
  • Documents can be pull printed securely from any compatible Sharp MFP
  • Web Print, Driver Print and Email Print
  • Optional integration for user authentication, print accounting systems and secure release
  • Supports any popular client computer that can use any popular Internet Browser, such as IE, Firefox, Safari
  • Supports any mobile device that can send an email

Use EveryonePrint for extra convenience and security. Its ‘Pull Print’ capability lets people print to a secure queue, rather than a specific MFP, where sensitive information could be left in the open. To collect the documents, they simply log on at the control panel of any available OSA enabled MFP. Easy to integrate EveryonePrint works with the most popular print accounting systems, which means that you can still control and recover costs. With user directories such as LDAP and Active Directory usage can be tracked, managed and recorded. It also integrates with your existing systems and procedures such as secure release, pull printing, card readers and web release.

Sharpdesk Mobile

As part of their suite of Optimised Software Solutions, Sharpdesk Mobile makes it easy to connect your phone or tablet to our range of award-winning office printers and MFPs. There’s no need to install any printer drivers and you don’t need to use a cable. Simply download the free App for instant access to all printing and scanning features that you’d expect when using a laptop or PC. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the free app, simply connect to your Wi-Fi network in the normal way and choose from the list of available printers, or just scan the QR code right there on the device. You can select a document, preview it on screen and print it out all in a matter of moments, or scan hard copy documents for fast uploading from your phone or tablet.

Sharpdesk Mobile was created to optimise mobile working by making it easy to print from mobile devices. PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, E-mail, HTML (web pages) and Microsoft Office (DOCX/XLSX/PPTX)* files are all supported, whether they are stored on the mobile device or have been sent to you as email attachments. It doesn’t matter if your phone or tablet runs on Android, iOS or Windows. There is a version of Sharpdesk Mobile for everyone, and the experience is always familiar.

Output Management

Job Accounting II Software

Simplify your Output Management experience with Job Accounting II software, part of Sharp’s suite of Optimised Software Solutions. Job Accounting II is robust, easy to use, intuitive and most importantly, highly secure. This software lets you control an entire fleet of MFPs and printers* without hassle, helping you to achieve the highest level of security and bring user experience to a completely new level. The software is modular and consists of four main components:

  • Job Accounting II (MX-SW310)
  • Pull Printing (MX-SW311)
  • Client Billing (MX-SW312)
  • Smart Scanning (MX-SW313)

The modularity allows business users to build the Output Management system that fits their specific requirements. After installing the main Job Accounting II module, it is a perfect tool for building your company’s Print Security Policy as well as:

  • Securing access to your office devices
  • Controlling output: print, copy, scan and fax
  • Applying rules for printing
  • Accurately billing all projects and users
  • Allowing printing from mobile devices / BYOD
  • Tracking and reporting all activities

Pull Printing (MX-SW311)

With the Pull Printing option installed, print jobs are securely stored in a queue on the Job Accounting II server until you need them. This means that users can retrieve their documents from any permitted Sharp device on the network at a time that’s convenient to them. And before they release their job, users can change the finishing options (e.g. staple, colour, duplex) directly from the device’s control panel. Pull printing is a more secure way of working as sensitive documents aren’t left out in the open and it can enforce a Print Security Policy with GDPR compliance.

Client Billing (MX-SW312)

With the Client Billing option installed, the operator has an easy and direct way to charge individual jobs to specific clients, costs centres or client project codes. Reports and invoices can be issued specifically to the client or used for internal accounting purposes.

Smart Scanning (MX-SW313)

With the Smart Scanning option installed, users have a choice of three pre-defined scanning options. Quick Scan lets users scan directly to their email account at the touch of a button. Secure Scan adds an extra level of security by forcing users to add a password to their scanned document which must then be used by anyone accessing the file. Convert to Text allows users to quickly convert scanned documents to an editable format. Scan settings, which can be different for each type of scan, are stored for maximum ease of use and can also be adjusted at the control panel at any time.

* Requires Sharp OSA-enabled device.


The SafeQ output management solution lets you optimise your entire printing environment whether you have a few MFPs or a few hundred – and regardless of make or model.

It lets you monitor and control who can print, copy and scan (and how much it’s costing you) without getting in the way of productivity. What’s more, it helps you to improve productivity, enhance security and reduce your printing costs.

SafeQ, together with Sharp, can bring output control and cost control to your organisation.

SafeQ brings your organisation:

  • Secure access to devices supporting several card reader technologies
  • Regular reporting per device, user, cost centre and/or project code
  • Improved workflow using ‘pull printing’ – users can collect prints from any MFP
  • Pay for print solutions for organisations to recoup costs
  • Automatic scan to email or folder improving the security of scanned documents

Control is the first step towards efficiency. Sharp’s Print Release (MX-SW100) and Print Release Lite (MX-SW300) are easy ways to take control. With fewer visits to the MFP, less waste, greater accountability and better document security, this is office efficiency in action.

Simply print as normal, then, when it’s convenient, walk up to the MFP of your choice and log on. As soon as you’re recognised you can print out (or delete) any and all of your documents, leave some for later, or use Document Filing to archive them.

Choose how many copies you want; decide on colour or black & white; single- or double-sided; what paper size and which finishing options. A handy on-screen preview feature illustrates the result, making everything easy and intuitive.

Powerful network authentication, implemented with swipecards or username/password combinations, makes it easy to keep your sensitive information secure.

Print Release Software can create detailed reports of who printed what, and when. You’ll learn which MFPs are being under- or over-used so you can put the right machine in the right place. And if an MFP is being shared between two or more workgroups you can use the reports to apportion the costs.

Equitrac Express

Equitrac Express helps schools, colleges and universities manage their print usage with software-based reporting for all printing and copying costs. Allocating these costs to the appropriate account, or charging for their usage, encourages everyone to promote responsible printing, as well as minimise wasted paper and toner.

Part of the Equitrac Express solution, Equitrac Embedded takes full advantage of Sharp OSA (Open Systems Architecture) technology running on MFPs widely deployed in the educational environments.  This means you can enjoy access to print management and cost control solutions with no terminals to purchase, install or maintain.

Network Login or ID entry on the device provides users instant authentication to access the full power of the MFP.  Follow-You Printing® increases mobility and productivity by freeing users to output documents at the MFP of their choice – across servers, departments and even geographic boundaries.

Equitrac software captures MFP job attributes to simplify and automate the charging of variable rates based on document features. Paper size and use of colour or black & white – for both copies and prints – can be detected on a page-by-page basis for accurate usage reporting and allocation to correct account codes, individuals or departments.

Gain the control to reduce total printing, optimise equipment deployment and direct necessary printing to your most efficient devices.

PaperCut Hive

Fully featured print management

Whether you’re looking for advanced print security, simple print job tracking and monitoring or easy BYOD printing, PaperCut Hive has you covered. This multi-purpose solution consolidates all the important aspects of printer management into one seamless, easy to use software that any business can use to optimise how they print whether it be reducing costs, improving security or lowering their carbon footprint.

Simple to use

Thanks to its serverless printing, PaperCut Hive makes printing easier than ever. Within a few clicks, users can print to a single print queue from any device and securely release their print job using their smartphone or the printer’s touchscreen.

This ease-of-use means businesses need not worry about a difficult onboarding process for users and guests. With PaperCut Hive, all that’s needed to get people in your business printing is group invites that are synced with Office 365 or Google Workspace!

Secure printing

PaperCut Hive has an array of built-in security features to keep documents safe and secure, protecting your business data throughout the printing process.

Access control helps you choose when and where users can print, copy and scan with authentication provided at the MFD. When printing, you can securely collect jobs using a smartphone, ID card or the MFD touchscreen. For additional security, after your printing job is finished, PaperCut Hive allows you to add watermarks to your documents, helping promote responsible document handling.

Reduces your environmental footprint and printing costs

PaperCut Hive comes with an array of eco-friendly policies and cost-saving functions, ideal for businesses who are looking for more sustainable printing solutions whilst driving down expensive costs.

To help lower your environmental footprint, touchscreen prompts will remind you to print 2-sided or black & white. In addition to this, the Secure Print Release feature gives you greater visibility on your user’s printing habits, enabling you to identify opportunities to reduce waste.

With the ability to actively report, monitor and oversee printing across all users and departments, PaperCut Hive provides businesses with complete control over usage and expenditure which enables greater cost reductions.

PaperCut MF

PaperCut MF extends the features of PaperCut NG using embedded software and hardware integration to provide full MFP control.

Today’s multi-function devices (MFPs) and copiers are smarter. They have touch screens and the ability to run embedded software directly on the device itself. This new technology has allowed us to bring our popular print management software into the MFP space to track off-the-glass usage – copy, fax and scan.

Embedded Software

For printing, PaperCut authenticates and tracks print jobs at the server layer before they pass to the MFP. To track off-the-glass device usage such as copying usage the authentication and tracking step needs to be done on the device itself. Where possible this is accomplished using embedded software. The embedded software runs on the MFP and works with the PaperCut Server to bring the same experience offered with printing to direct device usage. Embedded solutions also offer other services such as the ability for users to self-associate a new swipe card with their account and check their account balance.

Document Capture

Drivve Image

One of our suite of optimised software solutions, Drivve Image is a document management and image capture solution that saves time, money and resources by automating your document workflows.

Improved efficiency – documents are scanned into versatile digital files and sent directly to where they’re needed (people, processes and applications) throughout the enterprise.

Faster decisions – because information moves seamlessly to the right place (neatly indexed for rapid retrieval), people spend less time looking for information and more time putting it to good use.

Reduced costs – documents get processed faster, workflows become more efficient and there is no need to create and distribute multiple copies of the same document.

Effortless compliance – Drivve Image can provide a full audit trail of your digitised business processes.

Kinder to the environment – save energy, toner and paper by reducing the amount of printing and copying within your organisation.

Document Filing

The majority of Sharp multifunction devices have a built-in document filing system. This application uses a dedicated internal hard disk to store documents and previous jobs (accessible from either the display or embedded web page), making the document workflow significantly more flexible and efficient. This is because recently completed print runs for example can be repeated without recreating the job, saving on both processing time and user intervention.

  • Quick filing with temporary storage pages
  • Advanced filing for long term storage pages
  • Public and private storage options
  • Easy access to stored files via control panel or web browser
  • Optional Data Security Kit protects stored data via encryption

Document Management

Optimised Workflow Software

Accounts payable

The amount of information businesses have to process is increasing at an incredible rate and managing the Accounts Payable process efficiently has never been more crucial.

Our Optimised Workflow Software makes processing invoices easy. It eliminates inefficient processes by streamlining and automating them in order to maximise productivity.

Invoices are scanned and managed by the workflow software. Optical Character Recognition extracts key data from the invoice such as the supplier name, invoice total and VAT amount. Validation checks against purchase orders and delivery notes are done before the data is stored safely and securely in a central repository. Automatic notifications for approval are sent and once approved, invoices are paid safe in the knowledge that they have been processed accurately. The human error associated with manual processing is reduced along with lost invoices, late payments and non-compliance.

With our Optimised Workflow Software, your Accounts Payable department will operate with increased productivity and seamless efficiency.

Digital Mailrooms

Thousands of letters and documents can enter a business every year and processing them is often a time consuming, manual task for any mailroom.

Our Optimised Workflow Software makes processing mail easy. It accurately distributes mail to the right individuals or exports to your line of business applications eg accounting software.

Mail documents are scanned and managed by the workflow software. Optical Character Recognition extracts key data from the mail document such as the recipient and date. A link to the document, which is stored safely and securely in a central repository, is then automatically emailed to the recipient. Digital documents can be added to the workflow and processed in the same way. Hard copies no longer need to be physically distributed as everything is securely stored and quickly accessible, even on a mobile device. The human error associated with manual processing is reduced along with lost post or delays in responding to important communications.

With our Optimised Workflow Software, your business can rapidly sort and electronically distribute high volumes of post, quickly and efficiently helping you maximise the productivity of your staff.

Human Resources

Two of the most valuable assets in any business are its people and its data and within Human Resources, these are vital.

Our Optimised Workflow Software helps you manage and streamline your HR information and processes.

HR documents are scanned and managed by the workflow software. Optical Character Recognition extracts key data from the document such as employee name, job title or policy number and stores it in your HR system. This information no longer needs to be rekeyed, avoiding human error. The scanned documents are stored electronically in a Document Management System allowing quick and easy retrieval via text search across multiple sites. And an audit trail ensures the regulatory compliance and full traceability required for HR documents, including legal retention periods.

With our Optimised Workflow Software, your business can streamline the processing of HR documents helping your staff become more productive and motivated.

Prism WorkPath

Traditional desktop document processing software applications require a lot of repetitive manual work to process scanned and other documents. Prism WorkPath overcomes this deficiency by providing easy-to-create automated document processes and workflows that perform these tasks for you and save a lot of time and substantially improve efficiencies.

  • Lowers costs by automation and eliminating manual document processing
  • Saves time by automatically converting scanned documents into other formats
  • Process desktop documents faster and with ease by creating custom document processes and workflows from your desktop
  • Speed up processing times and eliminate errors by automatically filling documents into network folders and SharePoint
  • Automatically performs OCR and creates full-text searchable and editable documents
  • Encrypt pdf with electronic signatures and customizable Secure PDF metadata properties


Drivve | DM digitally transforms businesses of all sizes to become more agile and more productive.

All digital or scanned documents can be quickly and easily captured, organised, managed and stored in the system – you can even save files directly from Microsoft Office applications. As documents are indexed when stored they can be retrieved quickly thanks to user-friendly search capabilities, giving you total control of your business information.

Streamlining manual error-prone business processes improves efficiency and accuracy and gives you more time to focus on more productive tasks. Drivve | DM also allows your team to work more collaboratively as it can be accessed at any time on any connected device. This also offers a secure data repository that complies with industry process standards, making it a digital storage system that’s truly optimised to your needs.


Every Sharp OSA 4-enabled MFP integrates directly with the cloud without the need for extra hardware. That means you can improve productivity and information access right across your enterprise simply by harnessing our range of powerful, business-ready cloud-based applications.

UDOCX can integrate your Sharp OSA 4.0 enabled MFP with your MS SharePoint, MS Office 365, MS Exchange, Google Drive, Alfresco, OneDrive (was SkyDrive) and Dropbox environment, with no need for additional hardware or software. Access to the MFP via the control panel is authorised and secure and you can initiate document printing directly from the MFP control panel.

Features include:

  • Scan documents from the MFP to defined destinations in cloud-based business applications
  • Retrieve documents by filename or content
  • Documents sent using users email address
  • Real-time access to Outlook contacts
  • Access documents from any Sharp MFP and securely print them anytime, anywhere

PlanetPress Connect

Now you can streamline your communications processes, from document composition to distribution through any channel, right through to reporting and archiving. Intensive manual processes are automated, bottlenecks are eliminated and your communications become timely, engaging and accurate.

Use it for personalised direct mail, branded and interactive invoices, statements and reminders, marketing emails, text messages, and more. Whenever you need to communicate, you can do it quicker and more easily with PlanetPress Connect.

Capture OnTheGo

Capture OnTheGo (COTG) is a comprehensive toolkit to design and build and distribute dynamic, data-driven mobile forms.

Attachments such as photos, hand-written annotations, geo-location, barcodes or any other information can be included or captured. Unlike other mobile form solutions, COTG offers App-based form processing, meaning forms are available to be completed on or offline. Driven by PlanetPress Connect Document Automation software, data collected in COTG forms can drive unlimited processes, such as automatic generation of Proof of Delivery documents, Emails, SMS, Contracts, Invoices or any other type of digital communication.

Partner Software

Adobe Embedded Printer Engine (AEPE)

Adobe revolutionized the world of print with the creation of PostScript in 1984, and then the Portable Document Format (PDF) 10 years later. From Adobe Creative Cloud (to create content) to Adobe Acrobat (to manage content) to Adobe Embedded Print Engine (to print content)—Adobe’s product portfolio serves the entire content workflow.

Adobe Embedded Print Engine’s foundational technologies, including Adobe PostScript, Adobe PDF Library, and Adobe Color Engine are employed not only by Adobe Creative Cloud applications such as InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop but also by Adobe Acrobat. The result is superior and reliable rendering that sets the industry benchmark. 

Adobe Print solutions are continuously enhanced and extended by ongoing investment and innovation.  Adobe continues to lead the industry and bring award-winning technology to printers across the globe. OEMs should partner with  Adobe’s world-class engineers who provide support in the form of workshops, training, technical teleconferences, regular engineering interactions, and more. Adobe’s Technical Account Managers, located across continents and time zones, ensure effective communication and speedy resolution of queries.

With  Adobe Embedded Print Engine mode, all types of PDFs from any source will be printed better, faster, and predictably on all types of printers/MFPs. A host of features make this possible:

  • Native PDF rendering
  • Parallelism at jobs/pages level
  • Enhanced Memory Manager
  • 64-bit support
  • Latest core technology
  • Advanced font management
  • Enhanced graphic handling
  • Support for ICC colour profiles
  • Powerful transparency controls
  • Higher tolerance for non-compliant PDFs

Cloud Storage Support

Sharp MFP’s include support for Box, OneDrive, SharePointOnline, GoogleDrive, Dropbox, and Gmail cloud storage platforms, meaning wherever your data is stored it can be accessed on your Sharp device.

Support Software

Email Status and Alert

This handy feature reduces downtime by allowing a Sharp printer or copier to report any problems by sending an email to the appropriate user or department. This could be as simple as a device running low on paper or toner, for instance, or even an event like a paper jam.

The result is that timely action can be taken to resolve issues before they become problems that have a real impact on productivity. Everyone can print more, for longer.

  • Email alerts give early warning of potential problems
  • Full diagnostic data by e-mail for efficient and fast support
  • Emailing of counter data for accurate billing
  • Regular email reports for scheduling of maintenance intervals
  • Provided free with all Sharp MFPs

Printer Status Monitor

Sharp Printer Status Monitor lets you check the status of a printer – to see if it has sufficient paper and toner, for instance – before starting the job and without leaving your desk. In addition, Sharp Printer Status Monitor eliminates wasted trips to the machine by notifying you when your job has been completed and is ready for collection, through a simple, icon-based graphical interface on your desktop.

  • Monitor your printer in real time from your desktop
    • Control the printer status
    • Check job status
    • Notifies you when a job is complete
  • Provided free with all Sharp MFPs

If you are already interested in getting a sharp device for your business or want more information now, contact us today or read more here.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our Sharp printer spotlight soon.

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