Sharp Printer Spotlight – Part 2

future® have partnered with Sharp in order to bring you a great range of technology to help your business run smoothly. Featuring printers, copiers, visitor management systems, and even interactive screens, all the pieces needed for an efficient collaborative workspace are available.

We offer an array of MFPs, printers and copiers that can help you achieve a broad range of business objectives with a sustainable managed print solution. From A3 and A4 workgroup MFPs to light production MFPs, Sharp is redefining the role and importance of document technology in the workplace by offering products that are easy to use, customisable and secure. In the last of a 2 part series, find out more about the hardware that runs a Sharp printer fleet and the steps that have been taken by Sharp to reduce their impact on the environment. Catch up on part 1 of our Sharp Printer Spotlight here.

Long-Term Environmental Goals

To bring about SHARP Eco Vision 2050, they have stipulated long-term goals in three fields of action. In pursuing these goals, Sharp strive to create more clean energy than the total amount of energy consumed in their entire supply chain, while minimizing the environmental impact of their business activities.

Climate Change

Sharp has up to now endeavoured to use less energy in its business activities and to make products that are increasingly more energy efficient so as to reduce the amount of energy consumed by households and society as a whole.

They began developing solar cells after founder Tokuji Hayakawa said, “All the products we make use electricity. As our company grows, we will need more electricity, so why don’t we make electricity ourselves?” Since then, they have spent more than half a century working to spread solar power generation.

It is precisely because Sharp makes products that use electricity that they feel they have a responsibility to reduce the environmental impacts resulting from this electricity use. By promoting the world goal of carbon neutrality, Sharp is taking on the challenge of achieving the following two goals by 2050 and thus becoming carbon-free throughout its supply chain, including its own business activities.


  • Achieve net-zero CO2 emissions in Sharp business activities.
  • Create more clean energy than the total amount of energy consumed in Sharp’s entire supply chain.

Resource Recycling

Sharp has up to now provided the world with all kinds of value through the creation of new products. At the same time, they have used many resources to do so. Sharp continue to provide its stakeholders with all kinds of value by making the most efficient use of finite resources around the globe.

By making more efficient use of resources and continuing to offer maximum value with minimal resources, Sharp is taking on the challenge of achieving the following two goals by 2050 and thus building a circular economy and realizing a recycling-oriented society.


  • Use no newly extracted resources* for making products.
  • Achieve zero final disposal to landfill of waste generated in Sharp business activities.

* Excludes those not suitable for recycling from an environmental standpoint.

Safety and Security

Sharp uses various chemicals in production processes in its factories, and the products themselves contain various chemicals. Such chemicals must be strictly managed because some of them can have negative effects on people’s health, the natural environment, or ecosystems.

Sharp’s business activities must not have a negative effect on people’s health, the natural environment, or ecosystems.

As well as complying with current international standards, Sharp has established its own even stricter in-house standards. Under these far-sighted standards, they thoroughly manage relevant chemicals with the goal of eliminating any negative effects that chemicals may have on people’s health, the natural environment, or ecosystems.


  • Properly manage chemicals in order to protect people’s health, the natural environment, and ecosystems.


There are many features built into the sharp fleet of printers and copiers that can help reduce your companies environmental impact, both directly and through the improvements that can be made to your business practices.

Motion Sensor

Automatically detects walk-up users and wakes machines from sleep mode.

  • The printer is ready for use in less than 10 seconds.
  • 3 modes to balance device availability and energy saving.
  • Distance from device between 0.35 and 2 meters.

Automatic Toner Eject

The toner cartridge automatically ejects when the toner is consumed.

  • Saves cost on unused toner.
  • Contributes to reduced wastage and promotes environmental/green policy.

Continuous Run

On the MX5071 & MX6071 models, the machine will continue to run once the toner is empty and is in the status of needing to be changed.

The machine holds approximately 1.5k* worth (based on 5% coverage) of toner in a small hopper, situated between the toner cartridge and the developer unit. If a job is in print and any of the toners run out then the machine will use the reserve toner and continue to print. The toner can be changed whilst the machine is still operational.

*This Value may vary depending on paper type, paper size, printing contents, user environment, etc.


  • Low operational noise levels aid with creating a better working environment.
  • Sharp MFPS are compliant with IS07779 for level of noise produced.

Below is a table of the noise levels created across the range:

Alert Systems

DSPF Function Improvement 

Defence Security Principles Framework DSPF (MX-XX71)

If documents are left in the feeder after scanning then the LED light will flash to alert the user, aiding with GDPR compliance and document control.

Connectivity Lamp

Connectivity Lamps are situated above the user interface. 5 LEDs will light up in various patterns to indicate different functions such as power on and off, scanning, fax and toner replenishment. Users get quick visual references to the status of the machine.

Warning Notifications

Warning sound notifications.

MFP can now be set up to alert users if the paper is empty, no originals, paper jam, toner empty, waste toner full, output tray full, stapler empty etc. The volume level is also adjustable.


Dual LAN

Support for the case that there are two different isolated network environments that need to connect to the same printer or copier. For example universities, hospitals and government offices, where you may need connections for high security areas and for more open access areas. Either the second network must be wireless or a USB to LAN Converter is required for the second connection.

Walk-up Printing

Sharp printers support follow-me printing, where a user can walk up to any printer in your organisation with authentication and print instantly. But there are also other ways you can walk up and print.


Can be used by android devices to connect to the Sharp printers own wireless network and print, allowing anyone to print without having to allow them access to your network.

QR code

There is a QR code on the Touch screen panel that can be scanned to allow your device to connect to the Sharp printers own wireless network and print, allowing anyone to print without having to allow them access to your network. This works with both Android and iOS devices.


The traditional method of connecting a USD with the documents need to print is still available, with support for Microsoft Office, PDF, PNG, TIFF, and JPEG files.

PDF Scan Auto Skew Correction

At the time of scanning originals, the original may be skewed without intent because of the thickness of the original or how to close the DF.  We add the function to detect skew document and correct image orientation automatically for function improvement – If the MFP detects that the original is skewed at the time of scanning, the MFP corrects image orientation automatically.

This function is compatible with PDF only.

Intuitive touch screen

4th Generation  User Interface

  • Simple and clean UI with intuitive navigation, consistent across all Sharp MFP’s
    New fixed area for information when you need it.
  • Familiar easy customisation of main screen backgrounds and icons.
  • Easy Modes for Copy, Scan, and Fax functions.
  • Quick and easy access to everyday options via large icons.
  • Gesture recognition on the touch screen – enable more detailed edits right there on the device e.g. redact any sensitive information
  • Set favourite functions with your custom settings for quick reuse
  • Access the application portal for a large range of additional apps and software.

Large Range of System Configurations

Sharp printers and copiers can be configured to include a large array of finishers, paper trays and feeder trays to build the perfect solution for your business need. Options include:

If you are already interested in getting a sharp device for your business or want more information now, contact us today or read more here.

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