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future® are excited to announce our latest new product range, Interactive Touchscreen Tables.

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Interactivity is becoming increasingly more important in all forms of media and with the rapid rise of technology, it is important not to be left behind. In the wake of the pandemic, the way we work has also changed and it is now a race to get back to the same levels of productivity and collaboration in these new circumstances.

But it is not only the working world that has been affected.

Nursing Homes

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) recommends that homes offer their residents person-centred care alongside access to beneficial technology that can help them to gain confidence and independence. An interactive table provides an effective solution to a care home’s technological needs, helping you ensure that your service is in line with the CQC’s regulations.

Benefits of technology in care

Technology can help residents to:

  • Gain more control over their wellbeing
  • Be more independent or feel less isolated
  • Find services which are important to them
  • Communicate with friends, families, professionals and staff

Technology also provides carers and staff with a number of benefits. Utilising technology can:

  • Help staff to prioritise and focus their attention on people who need it most
  • Capture and compare data, and share good practice with peers
  • Offer insight into a resident’s development and wellbeing through apps and activities
  • Enhance the care or treatment providers offer

Technology is revolutionising the ways in which care homes are operated and how services are offered to residents. Our interactive tables are the ideal product for a modern and forward-thinking care home – allowing service providers to introduce technology to their carers and residents while also providing them with entertainment, group activities and elderly care programmes, and ensuring there is a focus on person-centred care.


Ofsted guidance states that children should have access in schools to a wide range of technologies that they may use at home. Allows young children to develop important early learning skills such as hand-eye coordination, reading, writing, speaking, listening, literacy and numeracy, whilst having fun playing with others.

Common challenges for nurseries:

  • Not all practitioners are confident in using ICT, and many lack access to (and information about) which technology is best suited to the EYFS curriculum. 
  • Early years settings struggle to provide the same technology access children enjoy at home due to security issues. When safeguarding early years settings, policy makers don’t have to ban mobile devices. 
  • It’s hard to plan activities for differing levels of development and to keep all children engaged. 
  • Many nurseries struggle with budgets to keep introducing new and engaging activities.

Benefits of the Nursery Table:

  • A fully mobile solution (with a built-in battery pack) means it can be moved to wherever the students are. 
  • The touchscreen can be tilted for ease of use, meaning children can use the table when either standing or sitting. 
  • 10-point touch technology means multiple children can use the table at the same time, for instance when using Yellow Door apps, encouraging sharing and collaboration. 
  • A built-in Android Player means that other applications and programmes can be installed to enhance learning. 
  • Built in Wi-Fi means that external teaching resources and platforms can be used on the table, for instance, YouTube. 
  • Compatible award-winning Yellow Door apps allow for early learning goals to be met through independent and collaborative play. 

Messaging Ideas, Keywords and Phrases: 

  • Helping to develop early digital skills through connected technology. 
  • A dynamic, battery-powered and mobile device for engaging learning environments. 
  • Helps create a great first impression of an innovative, forward-thinking organisation. 
  • Helps to introduce technology to children and prepare them for their next steps in life.

Young children are now living in a world where technology is all around them. Whether they’re at home or beyond they are becoming digital natives. Early learners need to explore a wide range of media and materials and be provided with opportunities while being encouraged to share thoughts/feelings through many activities, including technology. Our interactive tables provide the perfect platform for early years development.

Find out more about the different models we carry and how they can be utilised for your business here, contact us today for more information or book a free demo.

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