Environmental Commitment – In Partnership with PrintReleaf

future® are committed to reducing the long-term environmental impact of all our products and become carbon neutral by 2025.

As part of our environmental commitment future® is delighted to announce our newly formed partnership with PrintReleaf. This new initiative will empower your company to ‘releaf’ forests based on your paper footprint.

Using PrintReleaf, future and their customers have the option to measure their total paper consumption and reforest that total into an equivalent number of trees which are automatically and certifiably planted around the world at reforestation sites of their choice.

Recycling Toners & Parts

All used toners, maintenance parts and supplies are either recycled directly by us or returned to the original manufacturer for environmental disposal. All items are stripped to component parts; toner bottles are used to manufacture pedestrian bollards whilst other plastic parts and packaging are crushed and re-used in the manufacture of electronic goods such as televisions. All metals and alloys are sorted by component types and re-used within the manufacturing process

Zero Waste to Landfill

We only deal with manufacturers who have achieved ‘zero waste to landfill’ status in their manufacturing process. This means everything is either re-used or recycled and nothing is ever sent to landfill.

Device Configuration

Most of our devices come as standard with the ability to print double sided (duplex printing). We can configure all duplex capable devices to automatically double side all printing and copying as standard if required. This not only helps to save the environment but can also reduce paper consumption (and therefore cost) by up to 50%.

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