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Free Print Sustainability Report

Alongside our partners at Epson, we will provide you with a completely free print sustainability report. This report will provide you with a comparison between your current printers and the Epson inkjet alternative and will highlight both the possible sustainability and productivity improvements that can be made by making the switch.

As we all continue our push to net zero and ESG compliance. The type of printer you use can have a big impact in both these areas. At future® we want to show you the difference a switch to heat free printing can have. The process of preparing a print sustainability report is simple and requires only a little information from you but can lead to a big difference in the sustainability and productivity of your print environment. For every report we produce, whether you decide to make the switch to heat-free technology or not, we will plant a tree through our partners at printreleaf.

Check out an example of one of our reports below.

Fill in the form below to request your free print sustainability report and plant a tree today!

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