Indoor Air Quality in Crisis

COVID-19 is more than a virus — it is an indoor air quality wake-up call, shining a spotlight on the conditions in which many of us have been working. The fact is that the air we breathe has never been good for business. Poorly ventilated office air that is endlessly recycled and clogged with particulates, bacteria, and toxic fumes affect our mood, productivity, and workplace performance.

In the UK, we spend up to 90% of our time indoors on average, whether in our homes, workplaces or schools, shops, restaurants, and other indoor environments. On average, indoor air can be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. As the world is changing, and more people are working from home, opening windows for clean air, or being too anxious to return to the workplace due to the recent pandemic, achieving good indoor air quality is now more important than ever before.

  • Cross-contamination of airborne viruses and diseases is up to 19 times more likely indoors than outside.
  • Indoor air pollutants are increasingly associated with risks to health, wellness, and mental acuity.
  • The key to our increasing respiratory problems, from asthma to coughs to a simple allergic reaction, is directly linked to the quality of our air.
  • Children are particularly vulnerable to poor indoor air quality as their lungs are still developing.

Businesses are going to be under pressure to ensure greater hygiene standards in their offices and workplaces. Investing in clean air technology is both a short-and long-term investment for businesses. Air purification technology allows you to create a safe and welcoming environment, for employees who may feel dubious or uncomfortable returning to the office and demonstrating that their safety is a priority for the company. Businesses will be able to attract employees back to work more quickly, reduce the number of people working from home, as well as reduce the number of people taking sick leave. Therefore, by reducing issues related to indoor air quality, businesses will be receiving an added layer of protection.

Poor indoor air quality is a huge issue that affects us all. With many of the common causes being difficult to spot or avoid in our homes and external environments as it is something that Is not visible, we must be cautious of the air we breathe. Implementing air purification technology into indoor environments whether that is at home, at work or in public spaces it will help in the fight to improve indoor air quality.

Implementing technology that has gone through vigorous testing and has been certified by a range of safety and compliance bodies like the VIRUSKILLER™ range – gives that extra reassurance that the clean air technology a business is investing in is going to work effectively. Businesses that choose to invest in indoor air safety will receive credibility from employees and regulatory bodies alike, making them more attractive places in which to work as well as key examples of companies that invest in their employees for the long term.

Indoor air quality is in crisis and is currently the largest environmental risk to public health in the UK which is why you should invest in our VIRUSKILLER™ clean air technology to protect your business sooner rather than later.

Find out more about VIRUSKILLER™ or contact us today to get started on your clean air solution.

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