Is a Digital Overload Signalling a Return to the Printed Page?

The COVID pandemic has created a surge of both personal and professional video conferencing. Alongside Slack and Mircosoft teams, these platforms have become integral to connecting today’s remote workforce. Is this leading to a digital overload or ‘zoom fatigue’?

Without the social cues that we pick up in person, online meetings are more taxing on the brain as it is working harder to pick up on those cues. Coupled with always having to be camera-ready, dealing with connection difficulties, having to focus on multiple faces and audio and video freezes, these online meetings can become more draining.

Digital Detoxers Turn to Paper

This new pandemic of digital fatigue is leading many to undertake a ‘digital detox’ and disconnect from the noisy online world. For many this means rediscovering the benefits of the printing page; paper is easier to reference, annotate and causes less strain on the eyes than the screen. Avoiding blue light close to bedtime allows our brains time to wind down and can improve our sleep patterns, which can lead to improvements in mental health.

Direct mail is starting to see a comeback vs email and printed books are seeing a resurgence vs e-books.

The enforced change in workstyles is driving demand for print among home workers. A remote worker print service from future® can take all the hassle away from having to deal with the increased administrative requirements that these changes bring about.

The past few months have shown us that it’s good to take a break from the digital world and a return to our ‘normal’ workplace may still be some months away, this shift the printed page may continue to gather momentum as we take some time to disconnect from the online world.

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