Is Your Office Print Environment Ready for the Return to Workplace?

Our workplaces will be different when the workforce finally make their return to the office. The return to the workplace may be staggered. More employees may split their time between home and the office. Implementing a suitable strategy for your print environment ready for their return is something that needs to be looked at proactively.

How will your print environment need to change to cater for this new way of working? No longer is a Multi-Function device a tool to be used just for printing/scanning/copying documents while in the office. Photocopiers have evolved to become a fundamental cog in the chain of connectivity for the workforce no matter where your workforce may be located. A free print audit from future® can help you analyse and optimise your fleet and adjust ready for the return of the workforce.

Optimising your Copier Fleet Allows you to Optimise your Workflow

future® in partnership with Xerox specialises in workplace apps and solutions using ConnectKey® technology which helps businesses discover new ways to work smarter, more securely and create the most productive workplace. It’s time to stop thinking about printers as a standalone, task-specific workhorse, and start demanding more up-to-date, useful and useable solutions.

Below are a few of the apps available to use with the xerox range.  You may be surprised at what a photocopier can do these days!!

Apps for Business

Xerox business printer apps

Apps for Productivity

Xerox productivity printer apps

Apps for Education

Xerox education printer apps

Apps for Cloud Storage

Xerox cloud storage printer apps

Contact future® to start preparing for your workplace of the future, today.

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