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Lease & Service Contract Analysis from future®

Mis-sold leases? More lease agreements than you need? Inflated cost per print prices? These issues have been faced by a majority of our customers before they made the switch to future®.

Providing our customers market-leading pricing is key to our defining principles, both on lease payments on equipment and cost per print charges. Unfortunately, in the managed print industry this has not always been the case. Mis-selling of leases at inflated prices, tying customers into multiple unnecessary lease agreements and charging sky-high cost per click prices has run rife through the industry. future® has seen enough and is here to help.

We will provide you with a free no-obligation lease and service contract analysis to ensure you are getting value for money.

Not all providers are mis-selling their products and services and if yours is not then we will give them the thumbs up. If we uncover anything that does not add up, we will give them the thumbs down and provide you with solutions that can lead you to a more transparent, honest, and cost-effective future.

Contact us to arrange your Free Lease & Service Contract Analysis.

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