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Interactive Touch Screens

future® are proud to partner with SHARP to offer market-leading interactive screen technology. SHARP interactive screens offer a range of multi-purpose applications, to ensure your presentation/lesson has the impact it deserves.

Big Pad

The Big Pad range of digital interactive screens from Sharp provides an ideal way to facilitate the sharing of information and ideas, enable more effective learning, and encourage group interactivity in training classes, huddle meetings and design or document reviews.

Size Matters

Particularly when social distancing requirements come into play. Being huddled around a small screen is not going to be sufficient. Enter the 80 inch SHARP BIG PAD. The Big Pad interactive display screens give you spectacular HD clarity to help make your presentations/lessons come to life. You can also seamlessly connect multiple devices for an even larger workspace.

Covid Compliant

SHARP Pens ensures the screens remain COVID compliant, with a pen for each user you can ensure that constant cleaning of the screen isn’t required. Each touch pen has its own dedicated menu, which can be displayed even when up to four people are writing on the screen at the same time. Pen settings such as colour and line thickness can be set for each touch pen (with function buttons). The Sharp Pen software enables smooth and accurate writing and content control, with both shape and handwriting recognition.

MFP connectivity

Documents and images scanned from a colour-scan-capable Sharp MFP can be imported directly to the pen software for display on the BIG PAD. For added convenience, image data shown onscreen—including notations—can be saved to a PC or sent directly to an MFP for printout.

SHARP interactive screens offer a wealth of opportunities and future® can help you find the perfect solution for you.

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