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Join The Fight Against Climate Change

Join the fight against climate change with a Managed Print Solution from future® spearheaded by cutting edge Heat-Free printing technology.

The Time To Act Is Now

We are facing a crisis never seen before in our lifetime. The climate emergency has reached code red. It is time to join the fight and do everything we can, now. You may think what can one person or one company do to make a difference? The simple truth is that every small change we make can have a huge impact. 

Turn Down the Heat

future® have joined forces with Epson who have partnered with the National Geographic on the Turn Down the Heat Campaign to implement heat-free printing technology into workplaces across the world. Heat-free technology reduces the CO2 emissions of your print environment by up to 83% and you will save money in the process. On average our customers will save 40% on operational costs and reduce their printing volume by 30% using our services.

Free Sustainability Report

We will provide you with a free sustainability report that makes a comparison between your current printers and the Epson inkjet alternative. This will show you the potential savings in both sustainability and productivity. Including; Power cost, Co2 generation, printing time, supply changes and supply maintenance.

You Print One. We’ll Plant One.

future® are part of the trillion trees initiative. Using PrintReleaf, future® and their customers have the option to measure their total paper consumption and reforest that total into an equivalent number of trees which are automatically and certifiably planted around the world at reforestation sites of their choice. Each one of our customers enjoys a free account with PrintReleaf, which will plant a tree for every 8,888 pages printed.


Xerox and future®

Recognised worldwide as a leader in sustainability, Xerox is committed to sustainable innovation with a roadmap to having net-zero emissions by 2040. Holding awards such as Energy Star Partner of the year 2021, and having Blue Angel, Energy Star, and EPEAT Gold eco-label certifications for their products, they have been recognised for the Terra Carta Seal 2021, awarded to global companies that are driving innovation and demonstrating their commitment to creating genuinely sustainable markets and aligning with the ambitions of the Terra Carta recovery plan for Nature, People and Planet, which is championed by HRH The Prince of Wales. Most recently they were chosen by the United Nations to provide printing services for the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, where on top of providing their eco devices certified by the UNFCCC, they ensured 100% recycled paper and eco-friendly settings were used across the whole event, they offset the printing from the event with PrintReleaf and donated the devices used to schools and charities after the event.

EPEAT Gold Eco-Label
Terra Carta Seal
Energy Star Partner of the Year Award 2021

Our Commitments

Recycling Toners & Parts

All used toners, maintenance parts and supplies are either recycled directly by us or returned to the original manufacturer for environmental disposal. All items are stripped to component parts; toner bottles are used to manufacture pedestrian bollards whilst other plastic parts and packaging are crushed and re-used in the manufacture of electronic goods such as televisions. All metals and alloys are sorted by component types and re-used within the manufacturing process.

Zero Waste to Landfill

We only deal with manufacturers who have achieved ‘zero waste to landfill’ status in their manufacturing process. This means everything is either re-used or recycled and nothing is ever sent to landfill.

Device Configuration

Most of our devices come as standard with the ability to print double-sided (duplex printing). We can configure all duplex capable devices to automatically double side all printing and copying as standard if required. This not only helps to save the environment but can also reduce paper consumption (and therefore cost) by up to 50%.

How We Can Help

Whatever your current situation, we can help you reduce your carbon footprint and push your sustainability agenda.

Already in a contract with another provider? Don’t let that stop you from making the switch to Heat-Free printing. We have products in place that can help you make the change now.

Own your printers outright? We can help. You will be surprised at the amount a switch to a Managed Print Solution can save you. You are going to be paying a lot when purchasing toner/consumables/repairs as well as running devices with high energy consumption.

Contact us today and let’s work together in reducing the carbon footprint of your printing. 

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