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Join The Fight Against Climate Change

Join the fight against climate change with a Managed Print Solution from future® spearheaded by cutting edge Heat-Free printing technology.

The Time To Act Is Now

We are facing a crisis never seen before in our lifetime. The climate emergency has reached code red. It is time to join the fight and do everything we can, now. You may think what can one person or one company do to make a difference? The simple truth is that every small change we make can have a huge impact. 

Turn Down the Heat

future® have joined forces with Epson who have partnered with the National Geographic on the Turn Down the Heat Campaign to implement heat-free printing technology into workplaces across the world. Heat-free technology reduce the CO2 emissions of your print environment by up to 90% you will save money in the process. On average our customers will save 40% on the operational costs and reduce their printing volume by 30% using our services.

You Print One, We Plant One

future® are part of the trillion trees initiative. Each one of our customers enjoy a free account with PrintReleaf, who will plant a tree for every 8,888 pages printed.

How We Can Help

Whatever your current situation, we can help you reduce your carbon footprint and push your sustainability agenda.

Already in a contract with another provider? Don’t let that stop you making the switch to Heat-Free printing. We have products in place that can help you make the change now.

Own your printers outright? We can help. You will be surprised at the amount a switch to a Managed Print Solution can save you. You are going to be paying a lot when purchasing toner/consumables/repairs as well as running devices with high energy consumption.

Contact us today and let’s work together in reducing the carbon footprint of the worlds printing. 

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