Here at Future Digital Systems we recognise that the need for office equipment isn't always long-term, which is why we have designed a contract that will suit any organisation that can't predict the term the equipment is needed. 

Perfect for

  • Temporary Offices

  • Events 

  • Exhibitions

  • Seasonal Businesses

  • Contractors

  • Increased Workloads

  • Corporate Events

  • Hotels & Conferences

  • Construction Sites

  • Start-up businesses

How does it work?

Similar to a pre-pay mobile phone contract, you simply pay for the equipment in advance and keep the equipment for 30 days. If you decide the equipment is still needed all you need to do is pay for another 30 days. Its that simple.

How do I cancel the contract?

Just let us know 7 days before the term ends and we will arrange collection. 

How quickly will I receive my equipment?

Usually within 5 days of payment - We will arrange a site inspection and book a time slot with our logistics and engineers. 

Who installs the equipment?

All equipment is installed and maintained by our own engineers. Full training is given by our demonstrator and ongoing assistance is provided throughout the duration.

What type of equipment is available & how much?

We have a wide range of equipment available on this contract and the cost depends on the type of equipment you require. Please get in touch with one of our team and they will advise you on various options.