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The transition from working almost independently in offices to remote working looks set to continue moving forward. The post Covid world is likely to include a more flexible approach to where and how a workforce carries out their duties.

With remote workers reliant on technology to ensure productivity is unaffected, organisations have had to adapt and provide suitable technology for their remote workers. However although a laptop would have been sufficient for reference or note-taking during a face to face meeting, many now are putting pen to paper to take notes while on video calls to avoid noisy keyboards interrupting audio quality and the need for multiple screens. Similary, participants are printing out reference materials so they have them to hand while using the laptop screen for calls. As a result, the ability to print at home is becoming an important factored in productivity and preferred workstyles.

As a result, we have seen that organisations have allowed their workforce to make purchases for their home printing requirements themselves. Leading to a plethora of different printers with extremely high running costs and poor reliability. Add the array of different invoices being handed in for replacement ink cartridges and you have a counter intuitive solution to home printing.

Why not let futures Remote Worker Managed Ink Service in partnership with Epson take away all the hassle and provide your remote workers with a cost effective and efficient solution.

Remote Managed Ink Service

  • Lifetime warranty
  • All maintenance & all parts inclusive
  • Technical help desk support available 7 days a week
  • One single contract to consolidate invoicing
  • All printers supplied brand new & all inks supplied
  • Automated replacement ink delivered to home addresses
  • Volumes and usage monitored

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