Securing your business

Why is it important?

We use many different methods to protect the things in our lives that are important to us. We use banks to protect our money, insurance plans to protect our physical assets and various systems to protect ourselves. Your company’s documents are a critical component to accomplishing your mission and achieving your goals. Your long-term success is dependent upon your ability to protect and manage these assets. Effectively securing your documents provides protection from unauthorised access and the associated risks. In our ever changing technology based world it is imperative to have control over all of your documents in order to maintain control of your organisation and your future.

Security you can count on

Today’s business environment is characterised by connected systems, automatic data collection and transmission to downstream systems that subsequently handle the data. Our office devices are designed to work in network environments, enabling fast processing workflows with the ability to scan data to network destinations or receive print jobs from different devices and destinations. This complies with strict security standards on user access, encryption of data and protocols used for information transmission so you can ensure your data will arrive at the desired destination in a secure and trustworthy manner