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VIRUSKILLER™ by Radic8 is more than just an air purifier.

Radic8 VIRUSKILLER™ technology effectively traps dirty air, neutralizes toxic air, and decontaminates sick air. The VIRUSKILLER™ technology can help them by neutralising airborne viruses and bacteria from the air before they are inhaled. VIRUSKILLER™ technology is effective in dealing with viruses including COVID-19 as it reduces the airborne transmission and surface settlement of particles. It is also vital to note that contaminated air is cleaned first time through the VIRUSKILLER™. The technology kills a vast range of viruses in the air such as Coronavirus.

Virus Testing

When independently tested against Coronavirus DF2 (a Coronavirus surrogate), Adenovirus, Influenza and Polio, the units were found to kill 99.9999% of viruses on a single air pass. Read more in the testing reports here.

How does it work?

The technology uses a triple filter arrangement; a pre-filter, a HEPA filter, a carbon filter and a reactor chamber comprising of nanotubes coated with Titanium dioxide (TiO2) and high-power Ultraviolet C (UVC) lamps, which allows VIRUSKILLER™ technology to successfully neutralize viruses and bacteria in the air. VIRUSKILLER™ takes complete control of the airflow in a room. Our units are designed to draw contaminated air down to the floor, and then towards the intake of the unit. The contaminated air is then filtered and sterilised, before being sent back into the breathing area of the room.

How the VIRUSKILLER filtering, neutralization decontamination process works diagram

The Range

VIRUSKILLER™ HEXTIO Air Purification Technology by Radic8


It is a lightweight, transportable device that can be taken anywhere to ensure you are always surrounded by clean air.

The perfect clean air unit for personal/portable use, situated on a desk, counter, private office, small rooms, public transport or a bedside table.

VIRUSKILLER™ VK 410 Air Purification Technology by Radic8

VK 401

Protects areas up to 60m2

VIRUSKILLER™ technology in a compact wall-mountable package or can be free-standing. The VK 401 is our compact unit, designed to control the airflow in a mid-sized room with the full power of VIRUSKILLER™ real-time protection.

The VK 401 is the perfect clean air unit solution for small commercial spaces, offices, care homes, classrooms, small open planned spaces, waiting rooms, childcare facilities, and leisure facilities.

VIRUSKILLER™ VK 103 Air Purification Technology by Radic8

VK 103

Protects areas up to 100m2

The VK 103 is the most versatile VIRUSKILLER™ tower unit, designed to control airflow in large, well-trafficked, busy areas.

The VK-103 is the perfect clean air unit for large communal areas and open plan indoor spaces, offices, waiting rooms, restaurants, wards, and commercial spaces.

VIRUSKILLER™ VK 102 Air Purification Technology by Radic8

VK 102

Protects areas up to 165m2

The VK-102 offers the best class air decontamination for critical environments. It Features twice as many UV-C lamps as the VK 103, the VK 102 is designed for maximum decontamination and in addition odour control in larger spaces or critical environments

The VK 102 is the perfect clean air unit for larger spaces or critical environments such as medical centres, hospital wards, intensive care units, quarantine or containment rooms, and other medical installations.

VIRUSKILLER™ VK MEDI Air Purification Technology by Radic8


Protects areas up to 165m2

The VK-MEDI is powerful air decontamination for critical medical environments. It is essential for allowing people to have total peace of mind when it comes to enjoying clean air. The technology is the highest certified clean air technology in the world for unparalleled test results against viruses, bacteria, toxic gases, and VOCs.

The VK Medi has been specially designed for medical installations such as hospital wards, intensive care units, critical care rooms, and quarantine or containment rooms.

VIRUSKILLER™ Certifications


The VIRUSKILLER™ air purification technology range has been tested extensively for effectiveness in removing viruses and bacteria from the air and preventing the contamination of surfaces by airborne pathogens. Most recent testing has focused on SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the 2019 coronavirus pandemic, and other RNA viruses.

Please contact us to find out more information or to purchase one of Radic8’s VIRUSKILLER™ air purification units.

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