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7 Tips For Choosing A New Printer For Your Business

The type of printer you need for your business will depend on a number of factors. Here are just seven ways to pick the perfect model for your company:

  1. Consider how much you use a printer. Do you need a device that can handle large volumes of documents, or is it only used occasionally? Many offices have become increasingly paperless but still need to print off things like contracts or CVs of potential employees. Smaller businesses therefore often opt for inkjet printers rather than laser printers. Alternatively, they lease a printer only when they need one.
  2. Look at the type of printed material you want to produce. If they often have images included, you naturally want a printer that will produce stunning, detailed images in colour.
  3. Find a printer that’s as sustainable as possible. Increasing number of businesses are looking for more environmentally friendly solutions. Future Digital Systems Ltd specialises in eco-friendly printers from leading brand Epsom whose heat-free printing technology reduces CO2 emissions and energy usage of workplace print environments by up to 83%.
  4. Decide whether to buy or lease a printer. Here at Future Digital Systems Ltd we provide both options to our valued customers. 
  5. Look at the maintenance requirements. Future Digital Systems Ltd install Automatic Remote Management Software (FARMS) which allows us to monitor and maintain our customers’ equipment, highlighting and resolving potential faults before they cause any downtime for organisations.
  6. Consider what printing speed you need. We have many different printers available including those which print 60 pages per minute.
  7. Look for suppliers that will provide technical support. We provide managed print solutions, enabling you to only pay for what you print.

If you need help choosing a printer for your business, simply contact our friendly team today.