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Managed Document Solutions

Managed Document Solutions (MDS) differ to Managed Print Solutions (MPS) because where MPS focuses on output, a Managed Document Solution optimises the entire document process – from capturing to archiving and workflows through to security and managing the resulting environmental impact.

Managed Document Solutions become a key strategy for every company looking to discover how the entire document life-cycle can be improved to deliver greater efficiency, reduce costs and less waste.

A future® Managed Document Solution can offer major benefits to your business;

  • Reduced costs by an average of 30%
  • Improved productivity – The solution is managed fully from design to implementation to post implementation management using Farm by future.
  • Sustainability – A future designed solution can typically see a 70% reduction in carbon emissions
  • Security – A secure document infrastructure is guaranteed.
  • Compliance – GDPR and new environmental standards are met and exceeded.

With a Free Audit of your infrastructure, followed by an intricate design phase, our Managed Document Solutions can be the first step on your digital transformation journey, leading you to your workplace of the future, today.

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