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70% of waste in offices is made up of paper.

80% of our worlds forest is already destroyed.

60% rise in global carbon emissions in just over 20 years

61% of people believe sustainability is mandatory for businesses.

Most companies still have the need to print. however most printing is either a double copy or one sided. using inefficient paper and ink, 50% of printing in offices are non essential.

First step print assessment will help to determine print usage, print volume. then we do a more detailed print assessment will analyse all existing work fields and processes, highlighting any inefficiencies.

The results can then be used to make improvements to the print and document environment by encouraging better printing habits, setting sustainability goals and implementing more efficient document work flows and processes. Setting measurable, realistic targets to reduce the environmental impact whilst aligning with the wider business goals. These can vary from reducing paper waste by 50% or even becoming an entirely paperless organisation.

toner and ink production involves using masses of oil and releases harmful emissions with over 375 million empty ink and toner cartridges thrown away each year, ending up in landfills. But we can change this by recycling or using sustainable ink – by returning ink cartridges the plastic resin used from the breakdown of the product can be used to create new ones.

Most companies waste about 20% of ink toner from each cartridge – UNNESSESARY.

Make printing only necessary, if you do need to print , make sure you are checking what you are printing so there is no wastage, this will also help reduce your costs if you are no longer printing unnecessary items.