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Flexibility is a key reason for leasing your photocopier. You avoid large upfront costs and expensive maintenance costs if you lease from a managed print provider. Also, you should consider the volume of print you need and the format of print you need. Having an understanding of how much photocopying your business does, along with what size of print and functionalities such as booklet creation, you can then ascertain the makeup of your copier fleet. A future® free print audit will do all the leg work for you and provide you with a detailed breakdown of your current copy volume and costs and make recommendations on how to optimise your photocopier fleet, leading to cost-saving and a more optimal photocopier solution.

So which is the better option? Buying or leasing?

Often you can be led to believe that buying is cheaper than leasing regarding cost. Certainly, you may be able to buy a device that is cheaper than the lease agreement total. However, alongside the initial outlay of the purchase, you have the cost of toner and the ongoing maintenance that you will need to factor into your costs. When you lease, you spilt the cost of the photocopier over the lease term and your maintenance will be included with your service agreement with your managed print supplier. So if you do purchase outright you would need to hope that your photocopier does not develop any faults as these could prove costly to resolve.

To understand how leasing can split the cost of a photocopier across the term of the agreement, reviewed the costs of buying versus leasing and compiled this chart:

The analysis showed that when the ongoing maintenance and running costs of a photocopier are factored in then leasing becomes the more cost-effective option, with a considerably lower initial outlay and a lower overall cost over the term of the lease

4 Key benefits of leasing a photocopier.

Maintenance and service included: As part of your leasing agreement will be the inclusion of a service agreement. If your device has a problem, you will have a client support team in place using our automatic remote management software (FARMS) that will resolve any issue you may have. This Coupled with a 4-hour call out promise makes future® the go-to provider for service.

Free Installation and Training: Many photocopier suppliers will often free installation and essential training on all your equipment as part of your leasing agreement.

Flexibility: Your business needs to make changes in preparation for the return to the workplace post-Covid. A leasing deal should include the flexibility to react to those needs.

Tax Efficiency: By leasing, you will reduce your tax bill. Payments are tax-deductible.

Should you need to review your photocopier environment and would like to consider leasing, then talk to future® to arrange a free print audit and let us provide you with a tailored solution that will be perfect for your workplace both now and as we move into a new look working environment.


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